Chapter 9: God of Abraham

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Chapter 9: God of Abraham

Chapter nine, God of Abraham, recounts the story of Jewish migration to the land they believe God promised them, for those things are part of Judaism. As was typical of other religions of that time, early Judaism was a sacrifice-oriented worship. However, as opposed to other religions, early Judaism had no tradition of regard for an afterlife; it was a religion of the here and now and the proper worship of God through the Law as expressed in the Book of Leviticus (the Book of Vayikra in the Hebrew bible, the Tanakh). As the Romans banished the Jews from Jerusalem and dispersed them throughout the Empire, worship was transformed from a sacrifice-oriented, temple-centered rite to a spiritualoriented, synagogue-centered worship of modern rabbinic Judaism. As part of this spiritual orientation, a small regard for an afterlife has crept into the faith.

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