Post 3: Late September

Greetings to my family & friends,

I’d like to share with you my recent visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. Despite the continuing pandemic, I was determined to make the long-scheduled trip as our trip to Mount Rainier was canceled earlier this year. As part of mom and dad‘s will, they asked me to put their ashes on Mount Evans, near Denver. As I may have relayed in previous communications, dad and I also came up with a long list of locations to visit over the course of time that he and mom and I all loved.

Prior to our trip, I researched Mount Evans only to find that the road to the top was closed due to COVID. I subsequently found that the Cameron Peak fire had closed a portion of the park where I intended to lay some of mom and dad to rest per my conversations with dad (Colorado river trail head).

But I did not despair! The upside? Rocky Mountain National Park is open to entrance with reserved tickets only. I reserved tickets for all  days we were in the area and they are limiting the amount of people in far below normal visitor levels. That gave me plenty of unhurried opportunity for contemplation, hiking, and much relaxation. I believe I will never again have such a park almost to myself, as we felt on many of our hikes through the week.

Below is a summary of locations: I return mentally refreshed and ready for our next adventure.  I’d like to think that mom & dad are enjoying the lovely views and vast open spaces of the Great West.

  1. Alpine Visitors Center Trail
  2. Milner Pass
  3. Coyote Valley Trail- CO River (not too far downriver from my original spot)
  4. Top of Cascade Falls
  5. Mills Lake
  6. Tonahutu Creek  in Big Meadow
  7. Scott Gomer Creek at base of Bierstadt in Mt Evans wilderness

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